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The Art of Healing

Fresh Aqua Summit.png
Fresh Aqua Summit.png

The Art of Healing


Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her and all those who will come after her"
- Christiane Northrup

Rest, self-care and healing are so important. When you take the time to replenish your spirit, it allows you the opportunity to find balance and restore what has been emptied and in some cases loss. Healing can be defined as "the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again." This workshop is focused on giving and teaching tools that can help in the process of healing, the use of essential oils to help align your chakras and the incorporation of self-care practices. The workshop is split into 3 segments:

Healing the Inner Self: An Introduction

Healing begins within and consists of gentle steps towards sustainable peace. During this segment, we will address barriers to healing and learn to rescript narratives that hold us back.  

Chakra Healing

Chakras are seven main energy sources that align from the base (root) to the crown (head) that help bring vibrancy to your life. Chakra Healing is designed to help you understand each chakra and how to balance your chakras through the use of essential oils.

Restorative Healing 

When your life is racing full-speed ahead, so is your mind. This segment will provide an experience of physical and mental balance to prevent/diminish stress and anxiety. Through the use of props that allow you to hold poses longer, you will experience the benefits of deep, passive stretching. Students will also participate in a meditation practice. 


  • Wear comfortable clothing.

  • Bring a notebook for taking notes. 

  • Light Refreshments will be served.

  • Each student will leave with a "Healing Kit". 


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