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Find your niche in love, life, health and relationships!

Niche Counseling & Consulting provides comprehensive psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families and psychoeducational consulting to corporations to help them reach their full potential. We guide people to their niche in love, life, health and relationships.

If you are seeking support during a challenging situation or on the journey to find your best life, our services are customized to meet your needs. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals! 


Relationship Checkup Package

Relationship Checkup Package


One 3-hour intensive session (in your home, our office or virtually) 
Prepare/Enrich is not just for premarital couples! Many couples utilize the assessment and sessions as a checkup for the health of their relationship. This package includes the Prepare/Enrich Relational Assessment,  printed and/or electronic report, and one 3-hour intensive session.



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